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How to Create the Best Home Office

As more companies allow their employees to work from home, more workers are trying to set up the perfect home office. In doing so, they may be wondering... what should a home office look like? How should it be designed? Does lighting matter?

To find out these and other important answers, we asked interior design experts for guidance to creating a new home office. Here are some of the questions and responses we received.

Q: What are the important aspects when choosing a room for your home office?

A: Privacy and comfort would be the first things to consider when choosing a room to use for your home office. Many home-based workers need to be on voice or video calls, so it’s especially important to have a quiet and private place where you can work and communicate effectively.

Q: How can I stay productive in my home office?

A: The move from office to home can sometimes be disorienting. However, 77% of home-based workers say that remote work often increases their productivity. The trick, is to create the perfect conditions that will harness and optimize your energy and output. To create an effective home office, you simply need an appropriate space where you can stay focused on your tasks and creativity.

Q: Do light and space matter when choosing a room for your home office?

A: According to a recent article, bright light is said to make people feel happier; white noise helps with focus and attention; and the color blue facilitates feelings of calmness and stability. The more natural light your home office receuves will greatly improve your energy levels. Light wall colors will help to make your workspace feel larger and more conducive to a successful work environment.

One of the biggest benefits of a home office is that you can shape a unique workspace, tailored to your individual preferences. A well thought out home office can help heighten your concentration, and become a great benefit for your personal and professional success.

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